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Kalika Yap is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and author. She’s best known for inventing the Luxe Link purse hook. Kalika has spent the past two decades empowering entrepreneurs to change the world by providing them with business and branding services as well as through her work with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Kalika is also the Founder of Citrus Studios and the Waxing Co.

Her creative agency, Orange & Bergamot, focuses on female founders to help one million female entrepreneurs make $1 million in revenue. She’s a wife and mother of two entrepreneurial girls.

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You rise each day to brighten someone’s day!

Check out how Maggi identify her personality using our Little Brand Book. Grab yours now!

You rise each day to brighten someone’s day!
August 05, 2020

Filipino BBQ + brand ARCHETYPE test!

Jeanelle Castro is a Youtuber, Founder, Host, and Producer of Jeanelleats.

Her mission is to create unity between cultures through food. She loves to travel to explore other cultures’ food to educate herself.

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“A fun and interactive book”, “A fun and accessible branding book”, and many more.

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